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Upgrade Your Fence with Fence Lift

Improve the look of your fence without an expensive replacement. Fence Lift offers a wide variety of styles that are long lasting, eye catching, and easy to install.

Standard chain-link fence is functional and inexpensive compared to other options. However it often looks very bleak and ugly, not unlike prison fences. With Fence Lift you can make the area more aesthetically pleasing. We offer a library of stone, brick and concrete patterns to choose from, or you can submit your own design!

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Below you see standard fencing. It serves its purpose to keep the work area separated from the outside world. However it is ugly, and provides no privacy for the people within.



This is how this same area could look with Fence Lift.

And here’s another style. Find the look that best fits the environment you want to create.

Lightweight Design

By using aluminum panels we achieved a lightweight and durable design. It can withstand heavy rain, snow, extreme temperatures and is also scratch resistant.

Installation is easy. We have instructions for installing Fence Lift on a variety of styles and brands of fencing. Or you can request a free estimate for Absolute Perfection to do the installation ourselves.

Easy Maintenance

Fence Lift is easy to clean and makes removing graffiti easier than real brick or stone surfaces. It also provides the additional privacy that you would achieve with a real stone, brick or concrete wall.


Three Different Versions to Fit Any Project


  • .040′ Aluminum
  • Medium ink density
  • Medium anti-graffiti protection
High Performance

  • .040″ Aluminum
  • Strong ink density
  • Strong anti-graffiti protection
Heavy Duty

  • .225″ aluminum with composite interior
  • Strong ink density
  • Strong anti-graffiti protection
  • Thick clear coating for extra environmental protection

Styles to Match Any Environment

We have a huge catalog of potential designs, and if none of those fit your needs you can even upload your own!