Perforated Window Film Graphics

Perforated window graphics are great for large corporate building windows, store-front windows, and even car windows. Perforated vinyl appears opaque from the outside, but allows visibility from the inside. This gives you the ability to have privacy, while also sending a message that will not be easily forgotten.

Where Privacy Meets Promotion

Give your audience a reason to come inside and take a look. Privately advertise your message to the masses whether you’re driving your company vehicle around or working inside the office. Perforated vinyl has the ability to grab potential customers attention with a unique design or message that can attract eyes from a distance. Transform your boring windows into a creative graphic that your customers won’t forget.

How It Works

With countless, specifically placed holes, the film only allows visibility on the side that natural light does not shine. From outside of the window, your audience will only be able to see the unique vinyl graphic that you helped design. From inside, enjoy a private setting behind closed doors and give your audience a reason to come inside and take a look.

Creative In-House Graphic Designers

At Absolute Perfection, we give you the power to create what you and your business originally dreamt of until we have thoroughly satisfied your vision. Sit down with one of our talented in-house graphic designers and completely customize any perforated window graphic you can imagine. After installation, sit back and watch your customers drool at the amazing design that you thought of, and we helped bring to life.

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