Vinyl Wrap Protection

What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is a clear nano-ceramic liquid coating that is installed on the top of a vehicle wrap. Unlike sealants and wax, Ceramic Pro is a glass coating designed to repel weather and debris from your vehicle and its new color change or advertising wrap. Not only does this product offer superior vehicle and vinyl protection, It also adds a gloss finish to the film.

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What Does It Do?

  • Makes Cleaning EASY
  • Permanently Added Gloss & Depth
  • Superior Weather Protection
  • Scuff & Marring Resistance

Extended Lifespan

Ceramic Pro’s ability to prevent damage and block UV rays can significantly extend the lifespan of your vehicle wrap. By limiting the effect of the environment on your vinyl, your wrap’s color and integrity will hold up longer, avoiding painful deterioration like orange peel. Get all you paid for out of your vehicle wrap by extending its lifespan while improving the overall appearance.

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