“Recently, Absolute Perfection Vehicle Wraps in Sykesville went to participate in the ‘Academy Madness Day’ at Century High School. It just so happens that CHS is my school” (by Stephanie Whealton).

I told my career connections advisor about how cool my internship is at Absolute Perfection, and she invited Chris, Tim, and myself down to show off the company at the application fair.

Chris brought his mustang to school and parked it on the sidewalk right outside the doors in the student parking lot. Of course everyone saw the car and made it a priority to see what the “sick mustang” was doing outside.

Chris and Tim actually brought scraps of vinyl and a Propane torch and started wrapping the car in front of my classmates. They even let some of the kids help wrap the car!

I thought it was really awesome that my friends could finally see what car wrapping is because whenever I talk about my internship, they never understand what I’m talking about.

Chris and Tim also brought the giant display that they take to trade shows. We had a tinting video playing with all the information about the company on display and that definitely brought even more people over.

I think it’s safe to say that Absolute Perfection had the best showing at Academy Madness this year and I’m so proud that the “coolest company” there was where I intern.