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Our designs are what set us apart from competition. Truth is, any 3M certified professional can install vinyl, but a unique, fully functioning design requires ingenuity, creativity, and experience that AP offers. With a team of cross-trained professionals, both in graphic design and the installation process, we’re able to deliver quality service across the board. Because our designers come from a wide range of graphics backgrounds, they are able to incorporate their diverse influences into each vehicle wrap project. The designers at Absolute Perfection Vehicle Wrapping work with each client on a personal level, striving to fulfill and exceed expectations for every project.

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Welcome To Our Graphic Design Studio

For the design process, each client is treated as a guest at Absolute Perfection. The design process can be handled over email and phone; however, you are welcome to sit in with our designers and see your design unfold before your eyes, adding input and your creative touch to make the design your own. We may be the best vehicle wrapping business in the area, but our designs are what sell. Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

“I love coming into Absolute Perfection and working with the design team. I worked with lead designer Brandon Antol and my experience was nothing but good… great actually. The staff is polite and professional from the moment you walk in the door until you drive off in your new wrap and the facility is so clean and neat! Absolute Perfection sets the bar high for what businesses should be like.”

–Sharon Matthews, The Wish List Depot

Creative Minds and Custom Designs

Creativity is highly encouraged at Absolute Perfection; in fact, it’s what makes our company so unique, keeping the customers coming back. We have a deep passion for the visual and communication arts, so naturally, we are constantly studying what else is being done across all visual mediums to make sure we continue to deliver fresh and effective solutions to each customer’s specific needs.

Why A Vehicle Wrap Designer Should Design Your Wrap

By getting your design done by a Vehicle Wrap Designer, there is no guessing or worrying if the design is being done right. There have been many cases where someone has a design made for their vehicle…. and it doesn’t fit. A vehicle wrap designer understands the shapes and curves of a vehicle – what works and what doesn’t. Each vehicle requires detailed formatting and specific measurements in order to fit the vinyl correctly. A vehicle wrap designer is aware of the unique obstacles one may come across during the design and installation making the choice obvious when it comes to a graphic design artist for your vehicle wrap.

The vehicle wrap designers here at Absolute Perfection visually understand what parts of a vehicle are optimal for the placement of elements to effectively draw attention to key info and graphics. Spec sizing and resolution has to be specific to print the wrap for the superior two-dimensional design on a three dimensional product. Don’t waste your time with a designer who doesn’t know the industry. Choose experience, creativity, and exceptional customer service by choosing Absolute Perfection for all of your graphic design needs.

If you have any questions, give an Absolute Perfection representative a call today at (866) 390-6790 or contact online here!

Custom Logos and Branding

Is your company starting from scratch? That’s no problem. Our graphic design team will take your companies mission, core values, and vision and turn it into a well-branded logo and vinyl design. Whether you’re looking to do a vinyl car wrap, an indoor/outdoor wall mural, or a fleet wrap, our uniquely crafted custom logos will be sure to draw in attention to your business.