Vinyl Printing

State-of-the-art printers aren’t the only things that set Absolute Perfection apart from the rest. Did you know you could have pre-printed vinyl shipped across the nation for universal fleet wraps? Or that we use one of the greenest ink solutions out there? Take a few minutes to discover why Absolute Perfection is number one in vinyl printing.

In-House Vinyl Printing

Absolute Perfection just purchased two brand new HP Latex 360 printers! It was unclear if the benefits would outweigh the actual cost, but we’ve already noticed a huge difference in our color management and productivity! The HP Latex 360’s have proved to be one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. Production time, cost, and frustration has been reduced significantly and overall productivity drastically increased.

Nationwide Coverage – We print and ship across the nation!

One of our most popular services is a company fleet wrapping. Now, Absolute Perfection offers nationwide fleet wraps, allowing you to universally cover your fleets across the United States. Absolute Perfection will tailor your design to each vehicle you’d like covered, print the vinyl, and ship it to a local vehicle wrapping company near you.

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Latex Ink – Going Green

In the last couple years, Absolute Perfection adopted latex ink in efforts to go green, but the environmental benefits aren’t the only thing that make latex the obvious choice. Latex Ink is a water-based solution without toxic chemicals. Our print and install team is no longer exposed to the toxic chemicals of sulfur ink. Not only is latex ink greener, but the water-based solution also allows for the wrap to dry quicker, making the entire print and install process quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Color Management

Color management is essential when advertising. Making sure the color on your logo, vehicle wrap, and other advertising mediums keeps a consistency in your branding efforts. When wrapping a car, we take into consideration the color of the car, because unlike a paint job, car wraps don’t cover every surface of the vehicle. This is where color management comes into play. Unless your car is black or white, the easiest cars to color match, color management is extremely important.

If you have any questions for an Absolute Perfection specialist about the Vinyl Printing process, feel free to give us a call at (866) 390-6790 or click here to contact a representative.