Adam Pendleton Baltimore Museum of Art Wall Mural

Richmond, Virginia American conceptual artist, Adam Pendleton, known for his graphic awareness using different media forms of publishing, painting, photographic collage and video chose AP Media Group to install his massive pieces of art into the Baltimore Museum of Art. His wall mural was put on display on March 26th and will be in the front room display of the art Museum until August 13th. Our team finished this two day experience using lifts and harnesses to accomplish the best possible outcome. This project was one of the most awe-inspiring projects for the Applied Graphics division to take part in because they were talking a well versed artists’ work and installing it for him which allowed both parties to enjoy their passion and manifest two outcomes of a 938 sqft as well as a 1000 sqft mural. The fact that this artist picked our team to collaborate with him and provide a solution for his work, incited great joy because of a job well done for AP Media Group. Not only did artist Adam Pendleton receive great reviews for his artwork but the Baltimore Museum of Art trusted our company to be apart of such a beautiful experience.