Growing Brand Awareness for Your Business

You have a company website, you’re up and active on social media, but you just can’t seem to get the word out about your business. Growing awareness of a small, local business can be hard. Even establishing a reputable name for a medium-sized business these days can be hard to do.

Online approaches can be tricky in gaining traction if you don’t have years of experience, but there’s a way to grow awareness for your company’s brand that’s helped small-large business owners generate leads and even influence a growth in traffic to their websites!


Vehicle wrapping gets your company and brand in front of eyeballs who may not be searching for your products or services. An eye catching “mobile billboard” holds the power to spark attention and engage passerby’s. Territory manager for Toro, Mike Reynolds, let us in on why he decided to invest in a vehicle wrap, why he chose AP Graphics, and the engagement he’s seen since having it on the road!

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