Looking for some powerful ways to use wall graphics in your business? Wall graphics provide endless options not only for design flexibility but also where and when they can be installed. As such, they are the ideal finishing touch to any space. Here are 5 powerful ways you can use this unbeatable design material for your business.


Creating a Memorable Experience

Good looking design wows people. If you can create something people talk about, you have a powerful form of advertising with serious mileage. Whether it’s a conference room with memorable graphics, fleet graphics with a unique element like a reflective logo, or a large-scale building wrap a customer can see from the road.

Lead the Way with Wayfinding Graphics

Wayfinding graphics are a subtle, but powerful way to direct traffic. Whether it’s to lead someone to the areas of your store where the highest ticket value items are, or to the bathroom, wayfinding graphics are vastly underused. Even in the event of helping people find their way, you can add subtle and fun branding touches that create something memorable.

Present Your Core Values

A company’s core values are its building blocks. Displaying this set of core values not only helps to solidify your company’s value with employees but also customers. Wall graphics are a perfect medium to showcase these core values throughout your building, or fleet, for everyone to see.

Post Your Service Offerings for Upsell Potential

You’d be surprised at the amount of impact a clean, concise service menu can have. Whether it’s a listing of the services your mechanic shop offers with pricing, or a menu with a space for weekly specials, posting it will do wonders for your bottom line. By posting these menu items you can speed up time at the register as well as increase your upselling potential.


Share Your History

If your business has a waiting area, use that space to give customers something to read. A company history, especially if you have a good one, is a great place to start. Sharing your company’s history does a lot for your relationships with customers. It builds trust, adds a human aspect to the transaction, and makes the overall experience of waiting more enjoyable.

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