Are you hosting a one-time event? Make this moment something memorable with these branding touches that will set your event apart. An event that is talked about for months. Here are some unique ways you can go about branding your venue for a one-time event.

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Select Swag Which is Relative to Your Business

If you’re going to host an event, you must have free swag. It’s practically a written rule at this point. That said, don’t get boring swag. Pens and can koozies are overdone. Overdone swag is simply not unique enough to be memorable.

Do you run an IT service? Give out computer-shaped stress balls or thumb drives. Maybe you’re in the cleaning industry? Give people travel-sized samples. Need more ideas? Check out our article, 10 unique trade show tchotchkes for some inspiration!

Entryway Wall Graphics

Your entryway to the event should be something spectacular. After all, this space sets the tone for the entire event. Do something better than a simple banner, investigate how you can use vinyl wall graphics to your advantage. Wall graphics are the perfect way to brand your one-time event in a spectacular way. They can be applied to nearly any surface, and easily taken down once the event has ended.

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Social Media Wall

Create a live-feed of your event’s hashtags and branded social feeds. This live feed can be on display using a large digital social media wall—or even a simple TV screen could do the trick. Social media walls are a great way to show all the live and trending conversation happening right now about an event. They also encourage participation in the social conversation helping to drive more online buzz.

Wayfinding Graphics

Take a moment to try and live through your event attendee’s eyes. Can they easily find the bathroom? Or the way to the main event spaces or larger exhibits you want to highlight? Wayfinding graphics, commonly applied to the floor or walls, can help solve these issues. Your local Baltimore wall graphics company can help you in determining the best way to use wayfinding at your event.

Baltimore wall graphics installations event venue wall graphics in baltimore

Set the Tone on Your Website

Don’t neglect the digital realm. Your website is where event goers will go to get details about your event. Whether that is to register for the event or to plan out their visit on the day of. Extend your event’s theme and branding into the digital realm to provide a consistent experience that is unforgettable.

Take Advantage of Outside the Event as well!

Your event doesn’t need to be contained to the inside of the venue. Park some wrapped vehicles near the entrance to the event, or on the street leading from the largest parking area. Vehicles not your thing? Then wrap some architectural elements outside of the venue to extend your branding in unique and underused spaces.

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