About a year and a half ago, Absolute Perfection Vehicle Wrapping was awarded a contract with Charm City Circulator, the public transportation system for our beautiful city of Baltimore, also known as Charm City. This set of fleets is part of a huge public transportation supplier called Transdev, formerly known as Veolia.

About Charm City Circulator

Charm City runs about 30 circulators in their fleet, supplying Baltimore residents, downtown employees, students and tourists with free transportation throughout the area. The initial design and installation took about two months – working weekends and holidays, but it didn’t stop there. Public transportation is prone to dents and dings on the daily; that’s why working with Charm City continues to require weekly monitoring and repairs.

“It’s very important to me that I work with a company that understands the time-sensitive nature of our business. They’ve worked with us to be here at 4 am sometimes if they’ve needed to be…”
-Mark Heishman, General Manager of Transdev Transportation

Absolute Perfection caters to the weekend repairs with a flexible and cooperative work schedule – one of the reasons they were awarded the contract. But not only is Absolute Perfection more flexible with time, they were also the more affordable option. It’s hard to be affordable without reducing quality.

Interior and Exterior Advertising

After installation, Absolute Perfection was approached for interior and exterior advertising throughout the circulators. VP of Absolute Perfection, Chris Fong, joined forces with two marketing and advertising companies, Custom Media Options and Mjach Designs, to create, print, and install these advertisements.

Future Fleet Projects

The partnership with Charm City has been wonderful and continues to surprise us. Just last week we were informed of a few future projects with other Transdev fleets that have stemmed from our partnership with Charm City including “The Bus,” a local transportation fleet in Prince Georges County, Maryland. We look forward to transformation of this fleet. Stay tuned!

“Absolute Perfection has certainly proved to myself and Veolia over the last year and a half that they have the ability, they have the manpower to handle fleets this size.”
-Mark Heishman, General Manager of Transdev Transportation

In the meantime, check out the Charm City Circulator Testimonial!