Are you conducting an RFI for fleet graphics? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here we discuss all the information commonly included in an RFI in the fleet graphics industry. In addition, we cover the purpose of an RFI. As always, feel free to also give us a call if you have any questions—we’re happy to help!

What is an RFI?

RFI is short for Request For Information. An RFI is often used as a way for a company to gather information about multiple vendors in order to compare those service providers against each other. The RFIs vendors provide usually include a lot of early-stage information one would seek when comparing vendors within that same industry.

Fleet Graphics Request for Information RFI

What Information Can I Expect with a Fleet RFI?

When asking a fleet graphics company for an RFI on your next project, what can you expect to receive? Typically, the information you are given in a Fleet RFI will be enough to help you compare this fleet wrapping company against others. Obviously, results may vary, but here is what AP Corp will send you if you ask us for an RFI…

Fleet Graphics Capability Statement

A capability statement will typically cover all the services a single company can provide. The idea there is to show a company’s total skillset which could help you save money by bundling services. In addition, the capability statement will also provide some vital information: Tax ID codes, NAICS codes, contact information, and maybe some business history.

Warranty Information

Companies who use materials with a warranty will commonly include those warranties in their fleet graphics RFI. Additionally, if that company themselves offers a warranty on top of the manufacturer warranty that information would be included.

Baltimore MD Fleet Graphics Request for Information fleet graphics RFI

Referrals from Previous Fleet Clients

When looking into a graphics provider, it’s only natural to want to see what other projects they have completed. This lets you see the caliber of businesses they have worked with. This is why an RFI commonly includes past client referrals. Companies know you want to hear from clients about their experience while also getting an idea of the projects a company has completed.

Examples of Similar Fleet Graphics Projects

Visually seeing the quality of a company’s work is also very helpful. Examples of past work show you the quality of the installation and/or design capabilities. If you don’t ask for this in an RFI, it would be recommended to start doing so. Past work will give you a glimpse into how good your future wrap will look.

How to Obtain an RFI

Are you seeking an RFI? The best way to obtain an RFI will be to do a quick Google search in your area for the type of wrap you are looking for. Give each company a call—or fill out their online form—and tell them you are looking for an RFI. They will know what you mean. In fact, if they don’t know what an RFI is, they probably aren’t going to be the most reliable solution for fleet graphics. But that’s up to you to make that call.

Maryland Fleet Graphics Request for Information fleet graphics RFI maryland

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