Food trucks are rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for hungry students and workers in cities across the country. Our 3M Master Certified Vehicle Wrap Installer Chris Fong says, “I’ve been seeing more and more business owners get food truck vehicle wraps in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC area. You’ve got a lot of busy students and businessmen who need a fast way to eat on the go, and food trucks are perfect for them. People are really catching on to how effective custom vinyl graphics can be for making their food truck stand out from the rest.” But there’s more to a vehicle wrap than your name. Here’s what to consider as you commission your food truck vehicle wrap.

Your custom food truck wrap needs to have a way for customers to get in touch with you, such as a phone number, email address or Instagram account; some way for people to know at a distance what food you serve, like a photo, or a descriptive tagline; and, of course, the name of your business. People won’t be able to point you out if they can’t find you.

Bill's Epic Eats Food Truck Wrap Maryland

3. Hire a Professional Logo Designer

Part of being professional is looking professional, so, especially if you’re going to get your car professionally wrapped, hire a logo designer. A good logo can catch attention and bring over customers who might otherwise gloss over your truck, and it’s another way to communicate the food you sell and the quality of your cooking.

4. If You Use Photos of Your Food, Get Professional Photography

What’s appealing to the eye in person may not be appealing to the camera lens. If you’re going to put photos of your food on your wrap, be sure to hire a food stylist and food photographer who knows what to do to make your eats look appealing. And make sure the team knows this picture is going to be blown up to an enormous size. Smartphone cameras aren’t going to cut it.

5. Remember: You Have Four Sides to Consider

A vinyl wrap is a full-body experience, and this is a good thing because you get more room to be creative. For example, if your food truck sells a limited, specific menu, you might consider putting your menu down one side in large letters. You might put all the awards you’ve won on another side. On the other side of the truck, you can put a bunch of food photos, or your name in gigantic letters, or your contact information. Be creative; the more creative you are, the more memorable.

Are you in the Baltimore, Maryland & Washington, D.C. area and need a food truck vehicle wrap? Check out some examples from our truck wrap portfolio, and then contact us. We’ll help you design a wrap for your truck that tells customers not only what you’re serving, but how delicious it is.

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