Absolute Perfection: Geico Chrome Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Install


The Soap Box Derby

The Soap Box Derby is an annual event that Geico in Fredericksburg, VA sponsors. This event allows children from the ages of 9-17 to meet and race cars that they’ve assembled from kits at William St. Hill. This race is intended to instill respect, teamwork, and creating a family oriented community. Our company believes strongly believes in these core values and was eager to use our expertise to aid in this race.


Geico Chrome Vinyl Install

In previous years Geico has had three cars in the race that were each decorated with stickers and paint. This year however, they decided to go the extra mile and reach out to us to install something more intricate. They wanted to keep the three cars relatively uniform and wrap them with similar, yet unique chrome vinyl designs. These cars included: bright blue chrome, silver chrome and vivid black holographic chrome.

The bright blue chrome car was accented with gloss white decals as well as the car number, Geico logo, small design elements and our websites information. The Silver Chrome had a bit of a twist to it. We added a layer of blue striping over the chrome, to outline the cars body lines. The blue vinyl that was used was made out of 3M Reflective vinyl. This ensured an interesting aspect to the car as the light created an iridescent effect. The third car was made out of a cutting-edge chrome fittingly named Vvivid black holographic chrome.


The Process

The process of installing Chrome Vinyl is uniquely different than standard vinyl. As protocol for any previously wrapped vehicle we had to remove all of the old vinyl and thoroughly clean the cars to provide the cleanest possible surface. Directly after that we wrap the bodies and the wheels of the vehicles. Instead of wrapping each curved section, our team masterfully pieces the vinyl together to increase the longevity of the entire wrap. The temperature also plays an important role as our team diligently stays aware of the material, ensuring protection against the vinyl overheating as well as stretching.

Our team is as talented as they are accommodating especially when it comes to the time constraint and location of the client’s vehicles. As long as the facility is climate controlled, meaning we are able to keep the facility at the right temperature and can avoid external weather we are able to travel wherever you need us to, with the assurance of a seamless application.

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