Have you heard any of the jokes that Marylanders are a little too interested in their state? We’re here to tell you it’s true, and AP Corp is made up of some of the proudest Marylanders out there.

Maryland locals know that every Friday during football season is Purple Friday, a holiday that should be celebrated without fail. But this Purple Friday, September 23rd, is one that will go down in history. Marty Bass of CBS Baltimore’s “Where’s Marty?” segment, visited our headquarters. With Marty’s help, we shared information about our Ravens Wraps with WJZ and its viewers!

AP Corp: A Proud Maryland-Based Company

AP Corp is proud to be based in beautiful Sykesville, Maryland. And, like any group of proud Marylanders, we are happy to root for the home team. We have been tinting windows for over 20 years and designing vehicle wraps for 10 years. Our team is highly skilled and knows how to create the perfect look for you or your business, whether it be a fun-themed design or a sleek and sophisticated one.

We’ve done about ten Ravens wraps that help our community m show off their Raven pride. But we’ve gotten directly involved with transportation graphics for the State as well. We have an ongoing contract to wrap Baltimore City’s MTA buses and we’ve wrapped the Charm City Circulators too. We even wrapped Baltimore’s famous water taxis!

So, you can tell that we’ve jumped at every opportunity to show off our Maryland pride. Especially when it comes to transportation graphics.

Where’s Marty?

Marty Bass hosts a segment on WJZ CBS Baltimore called “Where’s Marty?” that is rich with local stories. In this segment, Marty visits many local businesses and organizations to learn what makes them different from the rest. Now, Marty and his cameraman do this 5 days a week, but they make sure to have a Purple Friday story at the end of each week.

Marty Bass’s visit to our headquarters for a Purple Friday special was no exception. Marty introduced himself to each team member who was on site before spending some time discussing our custom vehicle wrap business with our CEO and founder Bill Valway.

Sharing our Ravens Wraps with WJZ

After seeing a car that was painted in a Baltimore Ravens motif, Marty Bass asked his audience to send him their Raven’s vehicles and got to Googling himself. His search led him to a Ravens Mania vehicle that was designed, printed, and installed by the AP team. That vehicle went on to win an award for its outstanding graphic design.

So, that’s how we got the call about sharing our Ravens Wraps with WJZ and the “Where’s Marty?” audience. And in just a few days’ time, we were welcoming Marty and his crew into our office for a quick chat and live installation demo.

Why Raven’s Fans Trust AP Corp with their Wraps

Fans of the Baltimore Ravens know that no one tailgates better than they do. So, it’s no wonder that fans started to look into ways to represent their team on their cars. Luckily, these fans h turned to AP Corp’s graphics division (AP Graphics) to help them design and install high-quality Ravens wraps at fair prices.

Earning the trust and respect of Ravens fans was accomplishment enough, but the opportunity to share our work with the folks at the WJZ studio and their viewers was priceless. The segment was even taped at AP Corp’s headquarters, so we got a chance to give people a look behind the curtain.

Completing a Raven’s Wrap with Marty Bass

One thing about AP: we love live demos. And we know that Marty is a hands-on kind of guy. So, we completed a Ravens hood graphic for a client just in time to show the WJZ team how graphics like these are installed!

After Marty and Bill Valway spoke about AP’s history, Ravens wraps, of the past and even worked together to deliver the weather report, we took the WJZ crew down to our shop to meet Chris Fong.

Chris Fong is one of the most highly certified 3M installers in the country and the only man who could possibly install an entire hood graphic in under 3 minutes. Chris showed Marty and WJZ’s audience as a whole what it takes to install a Ravens wrap in record time, and even got Marty involved in the process.

That’s a (Ravens) Wrap

We have to extend our deepest gratitude to the team at WJZ CBS Baltimore. They have given us an awesome opportunity by letting us share our Ravens Wraps on the local news.

Before we let you go, we want to remind you that it’s the season for Ravens Mania. So, if you or a loved one begin to show an increased affection for the color purple, an interest in purple lawn flamingos, or begin studying the tell-tale caw of a real-life raven, contact us today. AP Graphics award-winning, Maryland-proud team can help you channel your love for the Baltimore Ravens into a tailgate vehicle that will make you the talk of the town.