Vehicle Fleet Wraps

Advertising that’s driven. There’s a relatively new form of advertising that’s sweeping America: fleet wraps! It involves printing a custom designed layer of vinyl and installing it to the outside of all of your business’s fleet vehicles so that they can advertise your company simply by driving around town or making their scheduled service calls. Here are the top 10 benefits provided by vehicle fleet wraps.

An American Trucking Association study revealed that wrapped vehicles generated some 30,000 visual impressions (VIs) each day when moving through suburban areas. That number jumped to 65,000 daily VIs when these vehicles traveled in urban areas.
Smart Media says that vehicle wrapping is 15 times better in boosting name recognition than all other forms of advertising. And the ATA study says that 96% of respondents believe it had more impact than other types of outdoor media like billboards.
Think about how many miles that all of your fleet vehicles travel in a single month. That translates to more eyeballs of people being made aware of your company. In fact, some businesses get more leads from their vehicle wrapping than from their websites.
Usually, your wrapped vehicles will operate in the area where your potential customer base lives and works. In contrast, ads in magazines and newspapers or on TV might be promoting your company to people who are too far away to patronize your business. Local advertising is more effective advertising
Perhaps you’ve sparred with municipalities over zoning restrictions regarding signage or advertising messages. In most cases, you won’t run afoul of these restrictions if you choose to advertise on your vehicle because they aren’t “permanent” in a given area.
In other words, you’re not interrupting someone’s music, reading, or TV programming in order to promote your business. Many consumers tend to view these forms of advertising (and those companies who engage in them) with annoyance and resistance.
Typically, vehicle wrapping costs about 35 cents per thousand impressions. Compare that to upwards of $3.50 for billboards and $21 for many magazine ads. It’s easy to see why vehicle wrapping is a preferred choice for cost-conscious businesses.
With radio, print, or TV advertising, you usually have to spend a bunch of money for a predetermined amount of spots or ads. But with vehicle fleet wraps, you can outfit as many vehicles as you can afford – and then add to your wrapped fleet as finances permit.
The vinyl material used in vehicle fleet wrapping can actually protect your vehicles from wear and tear caused by road debris. Plus, any dents or scratches in the vinyl can be replaced less expensively than repainting a vehicle’s exterior.
Print ads have short lifetimes, and TV or radio ads expire or become dated. But vehicle wrapping is “evergreen” in that a single investment can last for years and continue to attract potential new customers during that time.
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