Powered Perfect Vehicle Wrap Sykesville Maryland

This month we’d like to give you a behind the scenes of one of our reoccurring wrap clients, Powered Perfect.

Powered Perfect is a local electrical contractor based in New Windsor, Maryland. They are a quickly growing company as they are constantly bringing us new vehicles to add their fleet. Working mostly in Carroll County and Howard County, Powered Perfect provides high quality electrical work for commercial and residential jobs.

Why a Vehicle Wrap?

When it comes to getting his company noticed, Nate, CEO of Powered Perfect, wants to make sure that when he’s out on a job, everyone knows. The decision to wrap his fleet of work trucks was a no-brainer for Nate.

“I’m on the road, out and about, 10-plus hours out of the day. I need people to recognize my brand everywhere we go and wrapping my trucks is the best way to accomplish that.” -Nate, CEO of Powered Perfect

Powered Perfect 2015 Transit Connect


In-house designers, Brandon Antol and Tony, worked together on the design of the different vehicles that Nate would be bringing into the shop.

As a busy electrical contractor that does small and large jobs, Nate has a few different types of vehicles in his fleet. Since some of the trucks have large flat sides that hold tools, they offer a prime spot to advertising on.

The vans were definitely the easiest of the vehicles to wrap. They had the least amount of curves to work around. It made the entire design work well and we were able to use an image of a generator to be a key selling point for the consumer.


There are always challenges in every design given that vehicles often have awkward grooves and curves to work the vinyl around. We use the challenges to our advantage as Brandon and Tony so eloquently demonstrated.

The large pickup trucks proved to be a challenge for our designers and installers. By making the logo extend from the box to the cab, we were able to match it so that the logo connected seamlessly.

Another challenge that our designers faced was applying the design to multiple vehicles of different shapes and sizes. Although the design was similar for each vehicle, we had to make sure it was optimized to fit and work well with the different curves each vehicle has.

Powered Perfect Vehicle Wrap1
Powered Perfect Vehicle Wrap2


We used two of our new HP Latex 360 printers to quickly print the design on 3M4OC (substrate) and 3M8508 (laminate) vinyl. We needed to switch up the vinyl we used based on which truck we were installing on. The vans require different vinyl than the box trucks.

After our installers understood how the design would be applied to each vehicle, the rest was clockwork. “Once I can see the design on the proof, I pretty much know what I’m working with and can wrap it without too much trouble,” said installer, Travis Johnson.


Nate was pleased to see how each one of the vehicles in his fleet turned out. With a fast growing fleet, we can count on having another blank vehicle to wrap with Powered Perfects one-of-a-kind branding. Now when Nate or any of his guys are out on the road, you can be sure you’ll recognize what company it is.

Powered Perfect Vehicle Wrap