When looking for vehicle wraps, seek out a company who does it all. The term we use is a “one-stop shop”. These types of fleet graphics companies offer many benefits beyond the simplicity of having only one point of contact. Here’s what it means to be a one-stop shop for vehicle wraps.

one stop vehicle wrapping shop in annapolis one stop shop vehicle wraps

Bundling Services Saves Money

Much like bundling insurance policies, you can bundle wrapping services to save money as well! Finding an individual business to tackle each of the 3 main parts of a vehicle wrap can get expensive. After all, each of these businesses will need to make a profit. So, instead of three companies marking up their costs to stay profitable, you only have one company doing so. This fact alone saves you a lot of money. 

Better Overall Quality Control

When all aspects of a fleet graphics project are completed by one company, you end up with better quality control. An Annapolis fleet graphics company with designers, printers, and installers all under one roof will see more collaboration between these departments than a company without. Installers can show designers ways to design that makes the installation better. Designers can watch as the wrap is installed to ensure it fits the approved proof exactly.

one stop fleet graphics in annapolis one stop shop fleet graphics

One Point of Contact

Having one point of contact is simply beyond compare. Just here at AP Graphics we see a lot of communication happening between our sales, coordination, design, print, and installation teams. If you want to source individual companies for each part of this process, you will have to manage that communication on your own. Or, you can simply have one point of contact who you deal with throughout the whole process.

Project Managers Meet Deadlines

Like the above, a single point of contact makes like easier. At some companies, the point of contact ends up being a salesperson or an overworked admin. When sourcing your next Annapolis, md vehicle wrap company, go for a one-stop-shop with dedicated project managers. A project manager is there to make sure your project is on budget and completed on time, every time.

annapolis md fleet graphics one stop shop fleet graphics in annapolis md

Higher Quality Finished Product

Companies who specialize in the full-process of fleet graphics have a better grasp on all the individual elements of this service. They will have more specialized employees and equipment leading to better control over the quality of the product. Similarly, when a wrap can move from production to installation without a lot of changing hands it yields a better-looking wrap with less contamination or scratches.

Your Annapolis, MD Fleet Graphics Company

Are you looking for fleet graphics or vehicle wraps in Annapolis, MD? AP Graphics is the leading vehicle wrapping company in Maryland servicing the greater DC, MD, and VA metro areas. To get started working with a one-stop-shop on your next vehicle wrapping project, contact AP Graphics today!