Picture this, you’re an auto mechanic and the typical white van shows up for maintenance. It is simple and like the one you have seen a million times driving down many different roads. White is the unofficial, default, automatic color of Fleet Vehicles.

But why is that true? Who decided service vans and trucks would be white?

Tail end of white fleet van

The Reason Fleet Vans and Trucks are White

The reason fleet vehicles are white all has to do with the technology of paint. More specifically, the chemical additive in white paint: titanium dioxide.

Put simply, titanium dioxide is an incredibly cost-effective color to put on a large surface. When you need something to look white, opaque, and frosty this chemical gets the job done. So when you need to paint a vehicle, painting with white is cheap, easy, looks great too!

White is Polarizing, But Why?

While color trends can change over time, white is always in style. There are many reasons for this:

  • White better reflects heat. Dark colors absorb heat from the sun more efficiently whereas white stays cooler.
  • White paint fades less noticeably. While all materials exposed to the sun will fade over time, it is white which fads the slowest.
  • White makes objects appear larger. This is very helpful for rooms that need to seem bigger or for fleets who want more presence.
  • White is a clean color. While white can get dirty faster, it also shows customers you are clean if the vehicle is kept clean.
  • White is the ultimate background. Whether white is part of your brand or not—logos look great and stand out on a white background.
SRK Carpet Cleaning Full Wrap

Why Fleet Managers Wants White Fleets

As stated above, the majority of fleet vans and trucks are white. But why are the color choices so limited?

It’s all about the dance between branding and efficiency. Put differently, white vehicles are budget-friendly both short-term and long-term. We go into some more about this below…

It’s Less Complicated to Wrap a White Vehicle

Fleet managers can wrap white vehicles more easily. For starters, there is no color to cover-up. For example, if you have white in your design and it is installed over a green vehicle, some color will show through. Additionally, white works great with any design so partial wraps are easier to achieve.

White Vehicles Have a Higher Resale Value

White vehicles, on average, have a higher resale value. This is because a fleet of white vehicles appeals to a larger market. If you need to know the answer to why, read up the article a bit. White vehicles reflect heat, fade slower, look cleaner, and they are the ideal wrap background color.

Wrap Your White Fleet Vehicle in Vinyl Graphics

White is a great starter color for fleet graphics. A white vehicle allows your brand colors to pop and can also help you cut costs while maintaining an emotional and expressive design! For help with developing your new fleet graphics, get in touch with your local DC fleet graphics company, AP Corp today!