pro am racecar vehicle wraps in Maryland

In 2019, AP Corp sponsored a PRO-Am drift car. This vehicle, a 2014 Scion FR-S, is raced by JAC Motorsports. Part of our sponsorship included the drift car vehicle wrap you see installed in this photo within the article below.

Audi RS7 Dragon Vehicle Wrap 2019 USSC Sign Exchange Show

What made this drift car vehicle wrap installation unique was the body style of the vehicle itself. Drift cars, and more so all racing cars for that matter, experience some frequent bumps and digs. As such, a lot of the panels of the vehicle itself are not bolted down permanently. A lot of drivers go through multiple parts (bumpers for example) in a season. When this happens, they also need their vehicle wrap re-applied to the part to match up with the rest of the design. It is a small part of what made this project uniquely challenging and interesting for us.