Adding Privacy in Schools with Frosted Window Film in Washington DC
Adding Privacy in Schools with Frosted Window Film in Washington DC

School safety is at the front of our minds. This serious matter requires a variety of tactics that help to not only improve the security of the building against attack, but also improve privacy. While there are a variety of options available to improve privacy in any building, there is only one way which provides lasting, cost-effective, real results. That method is frosted glass film or, as the industry calls it, frosted window film.

How to Improve School Privacy

First, let’s discuss some of the top ways to improve privacy in schools. These methods range from exterior to interior methods as well as ways to improve privacy in overall school construction.

  • Build a Fence. The best way to improve security and privacy at your school is to build a fence. Fences, walls, borders—whatever you use—will establish a set boundary that will physically keep people out. The established boundary also gives employees a sight-line to know if someone is within that fence who isn’t supposed to be there to contact security immediately.
  • Put Up Signage. With your establish boundary must come establish signage. Something as simple as ‘Do Not Cross’ or ‘Keep Out’ lets people know you are serious. It also helps to eliminate anyone accidentally wandering onto school grounds leading to a false alarm.
  • Plant Some Plants. A great way to establish privacy, especially if a school is already established, is with landscaping. Establishing a tree line with pine trees offers amazing privacy as well as a natural border (see first bullet). Similarly, bushes and shrubs around the building itself establish a physical and visual barrier for your space.
  • Build With Privacy in Mind. With so many considerations in building a school, privacy should not be overlooked. Put windows up off the ground, place them facing low-traffic areas, etc. These simple design options can drastically improve your building security from the start.
  • Add Window Film. Most schools are not built with privacy windows. Either they are old, and refitting all the windows is too expensive, or it was not something considered at the build. Either way, installing a frosted glass film at schools is a great way to improve privacy without any major cost investment.

The Cost Effective Way to Improve School Privacy.

In a perfect world, we’d do ALL of the above to keep our kids safe. But sadly, schools have budgets. So, how can we make a drastic improvement in our school’s privacy while also working within established project budgets? Of all the above options, installing frosted glass film is the most cost effective and least obtrusive way to achieve privacy in a school. Not only can these films be applied directly to all areas you want to increase privacy, they can be installed quickly and with minimal impact to your building’s normal operations.

How is Frosted Glass Film Installed?

Here at AP Graphics, we install frosted glass film on a regular basis. Our installers are certified by all the top brands in the industry, which put differently means we know what we’re doing. In the video you see below, we showcase the entire process of how frosted window film is cut and applied to windows. Simply put, we first measure and clean the windows. Then, the window film is cut and applied to the window using a liquid application solution which helps the film stick to the window while we squeegee out any air bubbles.

Ready to Get Started on Your Project?

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