Audi RS7 Dragon Vehicle Wrap 2019 USSC Sign Exchange Show

Our entry to this year’s USSC Sign Exchange vehicle wrapping contest was code-named the Chinese Dragon Wrap. Below we’ll outline the process and materials used in this one-of-a-kind vehicle wrap installation.

If you’re more of a visual person, we compiled all of this information into a quick video presented by Chris Fong who design and installed the wrap!

The Idea: Mom’s Pottery

Coming up with a new idea—something unique—takes time. If you’ve ever tried to create a creative, unique idea, you know just how difficult that process can be. Sometimes, great ideas just come to you (almost out of luck), other times you’re sitting there staring at a blank piece of paper for days on end. The idea for the Chinese dragon wrap came to Chris during a visit to his parent’s house. His mom has these gorgeous pieces of pottery with dragon designs on them, and the rest is history. You can even see these pieces of pottery in the video below! Chris brought them to the wrap show.

The Vehicle: Audi RS7 Wrap

In the world of vehicle wrapping, often the wrap is only as good as the vehicle it’s put on. You can have the most gorgeous wrap design ready to print, but if it doesn’t match up to the lines of the vehicle it just won’t work. Also, if it’s just not a sexy vehicle to start with, the overall attraction itself doesn’t quite exist. So this year, we used a 2015 Audi RS7 APR Stage 2 for our wrapped vehicle. It provides the right level of sexy and neat lines we wanted for our wrap.

The Materials: 3M Vinyl Wraps, Avery Vinyl Wraps

With the vehicle and design selected, the next part is materials. As you will see in the video, we used a wide-array of different types of materials to help make this custom Audi vehicle wrap really pop. The materials we used included:

  • 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film
  • 3M Gold Dust Sparkle Vinyl Wrap
  • 3M Reflective 780 Vinyl Wrap
  • Avery Blue Marble Vinyl Wrap
  • Avery Gold Chrome Vinyl Wrap

The Design: From Idea to Conception

The design phase of the dragon wrap took longer than most vehicle wraps. A normal vehicle wrap takes a day or two of design time, but that’s because the design is on a single layer. With the Chinese dragon wrap, the vehicle wrap design had many different layers to take into account. There was the dragon scale underlay, the gold chrome accents—and that’s just in the hood! We also have the ‘base layer’ design which was overlaid with the reflective vinyl wrap dragon accent. And don’t forget the 3M DI-NOC wood grain chrome delete accent! Combining all of these elements into a single, cohesive design took some planning. But, we couldn’t be more proud of the finished product.

The Process: Installing a Vehicle Wrap in 2 Days

The video shown below shows you the process of installing this gorgeous vehicle wrap. Chris Fong, our chief sales engineer, details all the aspects of the finished wrap alongside footage his installation over the period of 2 days.

Interested in Hearing More?

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