Before investing in a wrap, many people contemplate the risks and rewards – one of the biggest being, will it last? Vinyl wraps have proven to last over 10 years, but what does an average lifespan do for you? If you get your vehicle wrapped at a shop offering a 3M MCS warranty, you can be certain that you’ll be satisfied with the results in the long run.

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For over 30 years, 3M has been the gold standard in finished graphics. 3M is very confident in the quality of the films they offer to the vehicle wrapping industry, and their confidence extends to a select few trusted graphics manufacturers that use 3M products, which includes Absolute Perfection.

3M’s Guarantee

So what does a 3M MCS warranty guarantee? As with any warranty, 3M pledges that their products, when used in the recommended manner, will perform effectively for the life of the warranty.

More specifically, 3M agrees to honor all warranty claims extended to the graphics manufacturer that produced the product.

3M even takes things one step further with removable films, agreeing to cover part of the repair costs if the surface of a vehicle is damaged when the film is removed.

What Types of Defects Does A 3M MCS Warranty Cover?

The defects covered by a 3M MCS warranty can be split into 5 different categories:

  • Physical Defects: Those defects resulting from errors when a product was packaged or shipped.
  • Manufacturing Defects: This includes defects in the adhesiveness of the graphics.
  • Printing and Ink Defects: Misprints that are out of the control of graphics manufacturers.
  • Cutting Defects: Defects that occur when graphics are cut as recommended.
  • Finished Graphic Appearance Defects: This is the most extensive category, as it includes defects attributed to 3M ink.

Becoming 3M Certified

The 3M MCS warranty gives graphics manufacturers the peace of mind of knowing that they can always rely on 3M products to stand the test of time. There are a number of steps that are required to become 3M certified. A graphics manufacturer must register online and complete 3M online training modules before setting up a site visit.

Assuming the manufacturer is approved, 3M will send them a certificate and a set of guidelines to follow. After being approved initially, the manufacturer must go through an annual renewal process complete with another site visit.

Obtaining a 3M MCS warranty certification is an involved process, but it lets customers know that they are receiving quality labor and materials, which can really help set a graphics manufacturer apart from the competition.

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