Our Brands

Our Brands

We Carry Only the Best Brands in the Industry

When looking at improving the look of your space or your vehicles, brands matter. As a company who has been in the applied graphics industry for a long time, we’ve worked with and tested a wide variety of brands.
At the end of the day, these are the brands we trust to ensure the best possible finished product…

Vehicle Wrapping Brands

Certified 3M Installer in Maryland

Certified 3M Vehicle Wraps

3M understands that how a product is installed is just as important as what the product can do. This is why this vehicle wrap supplier offers a variety of certifications, of which AP Graphics has them all. In addition to their quality control, 3M vehicle wraps come in a wide-variety of colors which leads to many options.

Baltimore, MD Avery Dennison vehicle wraps in Maryland

Avery Dennison Vehicle Wraps

Another high-quality vehicle wrap manufacturer is Avery Dennison. After testing a long line of films, we found Avery Dennison to be one of the top films to use within the industry. Their line of colors, and color clarity are deep which means if you have a specific color in mind, there’s probably an Avery Dennision wrap for it.

Inozetek Color Change Wraps

The Inozetek brand of color change wraps are a gorgeous and reliable brand of wraps. Here at AP Corp, we started carrying this brand when we first saw its Supergloss series of gloss vehicle wraps. Where some gloss wraps look pixelated, Supergloss looks the closest thing to gloss paint we have ever seen.

Commercial Graphics Brands

Certified 3M Installer in Maryland

3M DI-NOC Architectural Films

3M provides a lot of different product lines to the applied graphics industry. One such product line is an architectural film called DI-NOC. 3M DI-NOC is an architectural film which replicates the look and feel of real architectural elements and materials. Need to resurface a wood counter? DI-NOC is the optimum choice.

Koroseal Architectural Films

This architectural finishing film is available in over 800 designs so your project will know no limits. Koroseal Reatec is commonly used to resurface cabinets, elevator cabs, ceilings, doors, columns, and more! So no matter your need, we have an architectural film that will fit your vision and budget.

SOLYX® Decorative Privacy Window Films

A leading provide of patterned window films, SOLYX provides thousands of options for any project. From frosted window films to full color decorative window films. If your goal is a pre-crafted design for your decorative window film, we can find the pattern in the SOLYX catalog.

Dreamscape Custom Printed Wallpaper

Custom printed wallpaper is one of the newer products on the market. This technique allows homeowners and businesses alike to print out their custom designs onto quality wallpaper material. All the benefits of wallpaper without any limitations to your design.

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