Vehicle fleet wraps are truly becoming works of art. These efficient forms of business advertising are also bringing to life brands which may have previously had difficulty reaching and relating to their customers. Here are a few ways these fleet wraps are bringing brands to life.

A Branded Fleet Builds Trust

Multiple trucks all with the same wrap quickly builds trust with its audience. If you see the same truck (or what looks like the same truck) 3 times a week it really starts to set in. What is interesting to consider is how those who see your truck on the road have no idea if they’re seeing the same truck 20 times or 20 different trucks. In a way, this makes your company look and feel much bigger than it is.

Technology Wows

Fleet wraps are also brought to life through some of the newer types of wrap technologies and techniques. One example would be with reflective vinyl wrap. This type of wrap works not only during the day but also at night. The reflective part of the wrap works just like a jogger’s jacket and reflects the headlights of cars crafting a unique light show.

Vehicle Wraps are Seen by up to 80,000 People Every Day

In 2003, a study determined that vehicle wraps would lead to 30,000 – 80,000 daily impressions. Now, not sure about you, but we think there are probably more drivers on the road in 2020 than there were in 2003. Regardless, even if we say 30,000 impressions every day that is a MASSIVE amount of people. With a vehicle wrap, you’re introducing your brand to 30,000 people every day! 

A New Vehicle Wrap Lets You Showcase Your Personality

Personality is memorable. There are probably a handful of competitors in your area who all offer similar products. But your business is different. Let these differences shine through in your vehicle wrap in a way that not only tells of the value of your business but shows your personality. A memorable vehicle wrap is a way to let your brand’s personality touch someone and bring your brand to life. 

Bring Your Advertising to Those Who Buy

When you pull your work van up to your customer’s house or business, you’re putting your brand in front of your ideal customers. Whether you’re a commercial plumber visiting a large office building, or a lawn care company visiting a smaller townhouse, a commanding fleet wrap is a no-brainer. It shows everyone nearby (in your target area) that you’re trusted by the local community. 

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