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Looking to dress up a parking garage? Parking garages are one place where most folks simply accept a bland, unexciting, and dirty environment. But it doesn’t need to be this way! You can use parking garage wall graphics and other applied graphics to spruce up this space!

Not only can your parking garage look better—you can make money this way too! Capitalizing off of empty space in a high-traffic area is a smart way to make recurring revenue with minimal effort. Here’s more on how to use wall graphics in your parking garage.

Wall Graphics Brighten Up Your Space

Wall graphics add a level of brightness to parking garages. This will make it more enjoyable for people to park in your parking garage. It will also reduce any layer of discomfort allowing you to charge higher rates and attract more patrons. Wall graphics also help you promote your own services or deals—like monthly or yearly parking passes.

Selling Advertising Space in your Parking Garage

Letting businesses advertise in your parking garage is a good way to make additional passive income. Simply let businesses sponsor a parking level or pay for a single parking garage wall graphic. Is the garage a city-owned structure? This would be a great location to promote any ongoing city-wide events or festivals as well!

Wall Graphics Help Improve Wayfinding

What is wayfinding? Wayfinding is, simply put, finding your way through a building. Wall graphics offer the opportunity for simple wayfinding through your garage. This will help direct vehicle traffic creating better flow in the parking garage. Also, these graphics help direct pedestrians to exits and elevators to improve safety and reduce wandering foot traffic.

Don’t Forget About Floor Graphics!

Wayfinding works great on walls, and floors! Even though your main floor directional signage will most likely be painted on, you can use floor stickers to add temporary or event signage as well! Floor graphics are a great way to achieve this look with minimal downtime and maximum durability.

Why pick wall graphics over painted wall art?

The main alternative to a wall graphic installation is a painted wall mural. The difference between the two is applied wall graphics are semi-permanent. This means they can easily be replaced if you need to redirect traffic or apply new advertising graphics. In addition, applied wall graphics cost less than paying someone to paint your walls. Lastly, applied wall graphics can be quickly removed or replaced meaning less downtime for your garage.

Looking for more information on wall graphics for your parking garage or other similar space? Get in touch with the experts at AP Graphics today! AP Graphics is a division of AP Corp, and the nation’s leading installer of applied graphics solutions.