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Office productivity is a big topic for managers. Whether the goal is to improve your bottom line or to make hours in the office more effective—productivity is where we start. Here are some non-invasive and unique ways to improve office productivity.

Add Natural Light

Natural light is proven to improve worker mood. Improved mood in the workplace leads to better productivity. Improvements in someone’s mental state also turns into improvements in their physical health, which means fewer sick days. Not to forget, more natural light means less reliance on artificial light, and therefore fewer overhead costs in the energy bill.

Office Amenities

Free stuff at work makes workers feel appreciated. It also helps meet the need for a cup of coffee which would otherwise require them to run out of the office. Typical office amenities include free coffee, free snacks, occasional happy hours, team-building events during normal work hours, etc. With a heightened mood, and less reasons to leave the office, productivity increases.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are an interesting way to improve the aesthetics of your office. Make your office vibrant, attractive, and something easy to look at. In addition to style, office wall graphics offer an opportunity to extend your branding to other ,unused areas of your office space.

Improved Lighting

If your office is dimly lit or overly lit it can affect worker happiness. Poorly lit offices can also cause eye strain leading to headaches and decreased productivity long-term. So, look for ways to improve lighting in your office. One example would be if there is too much sun in your office (due to open windows) you could install an office window tinting film to reduce sun glare, heat, and UV ray exposure.

Have the Right Tools

Workers need the correct tools to complete their job. While this seems obvious when talking about trade services—in the office environment this is not as apparent. Ensure workers have the software, office equipment, and ergonomic furniture required to quickly (and comfortably) complete their job at the highest level.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions in the workplace cause dips in productivity. By eliminating distractions, we can improve productivity in workplace settings. Some ways to eliminate distractions in the office include:

  • Add sound barriers in open offices.
  • Create sight breaks in glass with frosted window film to reduce visual distractions.
  • Don’t encourage multi-tasking, it leads to lower quality work.
  • Minimize meetings as best you can.
  • Reduce clutter: cluttered spaces lead to a cluttered mind.

At AP Graphics, we are the nation’s leading office wall graphic and window graphic design and installation service. If you’re looking to improve your workplace productivity with some frosted window film or stylistic wall graphics, get in touch with us today!