Are you wondering how your wrap will look after leaving a wrap shop? If you’re concerned about ripples, bubbles, or imperfections in your vehicle wrap—it is possible. There are many factors which influence how often these types of imperfections occur.

Will there be ripples bubbles or imperfections in a vehicle wrap

What affects the quality of a vehicle wrap?

There are many factors which affect the quality of a finished vehicle wrap. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Skill of the wrap installer
  • Type of wrap materials used
  • Quality of the vehicle’s exterior
  • Temperature of the environment during install
  • The wrap installer’s thresholds for imperfections
  • Any environmental contaminant present during install

Will There be Imperfections in an AP Graphics Vehicle Wrap?

Ripples and bubbles can happen—but they are VERY rare. We mitigate all the above risks with a temperature-controlled environment, skilled installers, and by using 3M vinyl wrap. Imperfections are minimal and typically only occur in areas such as door jambs, natural vehicle breaks, and inlays.

Our general threshold is that no ripples, bubbles, or imperfections occur. If any of these imperfections do make it off our lot, it’s only because you needed to be right up close to see them.

ripples or bubbles in Baltimore vehicle wrap

Will a Vehicle Wrap Have Ripples?

Usually, ripples are very uncommon. A ‘ripple’ in the wrap world is a visible line, almost like a wave. A ripple is one of the more uncommon types of wrap imperfections because if they do happen the whole vinyl panel is usually replaced. Also, the simple nature of a vehicle wrap installation allows for the easy ability to lift the wrap up and fix any ripples before the wrap adhesive sets.

Will a Vehicle Wrap Have Bubbles?

A more common imperfection will be bubbling. Bubbling happens when a vehicle’s paint is in poor condition or there are contaminants on the surface of the vehicle during installation. To avoid bubbles, vehicles should be washed and not have paint in poor condition. This said, bubbles are also very rare and only the smallest bubbles ever leave a shop unnoticed.

Will a Vehicle Wrap Have Imperfections?

Imperfections, in general, can happen. After all, the product is installed by humans and human error is possible. The important thing is any imperfections are spotted and those outside of a reasonable threshold of acceptability are fixed. Most wrap shops have a written document outlining what you can expect when working with them; if you did not get one, be sure to ask for it!