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Wall coverings come in endless styles and sizes, and the terms associated with them can get easily mixed up. Is the wall art you’re searching for a mural or a wallscape? Keep reading to learn more about the basic types of wall coverings and which might be best for your space.

Wall Art

Wall art is the most encompassing of all these terms, and is more of a category than a specific thing. All of the items below, from the largest murals to the smallest stickers, are a form of wall art.

Wall mural

Wall murals are large-scale art pieces that generally use most, or all, of the space of at least one wall. Landscape photos and graphic designs are popular for this type of wall covering. Wall murals can be put to use in homes as well as a wide variety of businesses—from small restaurants to large corporate offices. These are a great way to dramatically change the feel of an entire room!

Traditionally, wall murals would be accomplished painstakingly (and expensively) by handcrafting a design onto a wall. Now there are more realistic options for when a hand-painted mural isn’t practical. Vinyl wall graphics can be digitally printed with beautiful custom designs for any wall shape and installed very quickly.


The term wallscape is generally associated with large-scale external wall coverings. Most often, these are advertisements or branded designs on businesses and other commercial structures like parking garages. A wallscape can be as simple as a logo on the side of a small building, or a highly elaborate artistic design that stretches across multiple walls. The possibilities with wallscapes are only as limited as your imagination!

Wall Sticker

Wall stickers are inexpensive, small-scale wall art that can be easily purchased through retail sellers. They are an easy way to add personal touches to a room without large-scale wall art. A wide variety of designs are available on the market, with some retailers even offering custom options. Wall stickers are intended for indoor use and are most frequently seen in homes.

These are helpful for circumstances where you want to add wall art that can be easily removed. Butterfly stickers that were fun for a kids room can be easily peeled away once the kids outgrow them. A quirky sticker design in your living room can be removed when it’s time to sell the house without having to paint over a more permanent design.

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