LLumar ATR Metalized
Window Tint Film

Heightened Style and Light Filtering
using Metalized Technology

The LLumar ATR Window Tinting Series

Comfort, appearance, and protection all in one. The ATR window tint film series by LLumar® is a quality window tint which harnesses the power of metalized film. This window tint film is engineered by the world’s largest window film manufacturer to meet the highest standards in excellence.

AP Tinting is a Top-Rated, LLumar SelectPro Installer

Here at AP Tinting we are a LLumar SelectPro installer. This means we’ve passed LLumar’s certification program and shown we have the equipment, skill, and attention to detail LLumar expects for the installation of its product. And our work shows for it with over 50 5-star ratings on Google and even more on Facebook!

Experience the Benefits

“They did an awesome job on my Tacoma. Highly recommend them. Great guys doing good work.”

Carson P.

“Absolute Perfection got it right the first time in record setting time, and it looks absolutely amazing, thanks for doing such a good job.”

Mitchell M.

“Great customer service. Did an amazing job overall best experience I have had in Wilmington. Will be coming back!”

John P.

A Unique Tint for the Look you Want.

No matter the style and functionality you’re looking for, LLumar has a tint for you. The LLumar ATR tint offers a variety of options for glare reduction, UV protection, interior comfort and style. So no matter your style, there’s a fit for you.

Below are the tint percentages we have available for LLumar’s ATR metalized window film. Remember, the lower the number or percentage, the darker the tint.

ATR Tint Levels

Window tint is represented as a percentage of visible light transmission levels (VLT) that can pass through the window. A higher percentage indicates a greater amount of light coming through the windows, whereas a low tint percentage will appear much darker.

The LLumar ATR window tint series features the following VLT options:


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