LLumar FormulaOne
Pinnacle Window Tint

Ideal style and UV-ray filtering while supporting device signal clarity.

Top-Rated FormulaOne Pinnacle Window Tint Shop

You don’t take your vehicle to just anyone for a new Pinnacle window tint. Leave your vehicle in the trusted hands of a LLumar SelectPro tint shop. Here at AP Tinting, we’ve passed LLumar’s strict certification test. This shows our tinting applications and customer service are of the highest quality.

Not to mention, we have over 80 5-star reviews on Google, and even more on Facebook. Needless to say, our work speaks for itself.

Experience the Benefits

“I chose Absolute Perfection to tint my Audi S3 based on all the great reviews I read. They did a fantastic job. There are absolutely no flaws in the tint whatsoever.”

Scott F.

“The service was absolutely great. I got all my side windows tinted with the Formula One Pinnacle Series. The shop and staff are very easy going and very informative.”

Richard B.

“I came in for my first appointment to get the sides, back and sun roof done with FormulaOne Pinnacle tints. The tints were very nicely applied. […] I’m definitely going to recommend their services”

Brian T.

Why Choose the Pinnacle Vehicle Tint Series?

The FormulaOne Pinnacle Series offers an ideal mix of style and sun-filtering features without affecting device signal clarity. The advanced nano-ceramic technology used in this auto window tint film yields some of the highest possible levels of protection, including:

  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Rejects up to 64% of solar energy
  • Reduces glare by up to 94%

Pinnacle Tint Levels

Window tint is represented as a percentage of visible light transmission levels (VLT) that can pass through the window. A higher percentage indicates a greater amount of light coming through the windows, whereas a low tint percentage will appear much darker.

The FormulaOne Pinnacle window tint series features the following VLT options:


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