LLumar Self-Healing
Paint Protection Film

Protect Your Paint Against the Hazards of the Road

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Newer for Longer

Never fear a scratch or chip in your paint job again. With FormulaOne Paint Protection Film your vehicle’s paint job now has a durable layer of protection against everyday road damage.

What’s even more amazing, is this paint protection film’s self-healing properties mean if a scratch does occur on the film, it heals itself with the power of the sun.

Experience the Benefits

“Absolute Perfection has done it again, completed an absolutely flawless paint protection application on my new range rover SVR!”

Mike L.

“Stopped by with a new car for a quote on Llumar paint protection film. I was impressed enough to leave the car on the spot for the installation.”

Irving S.

“When you want some good work in the state of Maryland for your paint protection,window tinting,wraps and designs, check them out!”

The Kel

A Unique Solution for Paint Protection on the Road.

Keep your vehicle’s paint in top condition. Never fear scratches or chips again; rocks, sand, and salt will no longer be cause for worry. LLumar paint protection film has your vehicle covered. So whether you’re looking to simply shield the front end of your vehicle or protect an entire custom paint job, we can help.

Here at AP Tinting, we are a leading applicator of LLumar paint protection films. We’re even part of the exclusive LLumar SelectPro program. For more information on LLumar paint protection fill out a quote or give us a call, today!

Upgrade your vehicle today with premium paint protection. 
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