Your fleet’s trailers can do so much more than just transport goods. They are effectively a rolling (or parked) billboard for your company. Whether your goal is brand recognition, or to generate more leads, you can achieve this goal when you turn your fleet into a rolling billboard with trailer graphics.


Why Get a Trailer Wrap?

The biggest reason our customers wrap their trailers is advertising impressions. Vehicle wraps, especially those on larger pieces of equipment like a trailer, produce more impressions per dollar than any other form of outdoor advertising. Beyond the advertising benefit, trailer wraps also protect the trailer from damage as well as bring your fleet together creating a more cohesive look.

The ROI of Trailer Fleet Graphics in Columbia, MD

According to advertising wraps yield an ROI of $0.04 per thousand impressions. This number is exponentially better than the next two closest forms of advertising: outdoor signs at $3.56 per 1,000 impressions and newspaper ads at $19.70 per thousand impressions.

So, when we say trailers pay for themselves, we meant it!


The Process for a New Trailer Fleet Graphics Installation

If you’re considering some new fleets graphics in Columbia, MD for your trailers, it’s best to know the overall process first. Here is the basic process for a new trailer fleet graphics installation

  • Step 1: Scheduling. Once your contract is signed, you are commonly handed off to a project manager. Most reputable Columbia, MD vehicle wrapping companies have multiple project managers on staff. This person will figure out your timeline and ultimately schedule out each step of the process for you to ensure timely delivery.
  • Step 2: Measurement. The very first step once you’ve partnered with a fleet graphics company is to get the exact details of your fleet. Commonly this will involve a site visit to ensure everyone knows all the details of your trailer and you get the highest quality installation.
  • Step 3: Design. With the proper measurements in hand, your Columbia, MD fleet graphics company will be able to begin their designs. Whether plotting your current design to prepare for printing, or designing from scratch, this phase is where you will be able to give feedback on the design in preparation for a final approval.
  • Step 4: Printing. Once a design is approved it is sent off to be printed. Most commercial graphics companies do their printing in-house as it helps to maintain quality. Once printed, your print production specialist cuts the vinyl where appropriate and prepares the graphics for transport to where they will ultimately be installed.
  • Step 5: Installation. With a printed design in hand, installation can begin. Regardless of where the installation is happening (your place or ours), the installation should always be done by a trained and certified installer.

What Makes Trailer Wraps Really Unique

Advertising wraps are simply a no-brainer in today’s business environment. That said, a trailer wrap is a little bit of a different story. Not every trailer you own will be in use all day every day. It’s common for trailers to sit stationary for a while which turns them into a parked billboard as well! Keep this in mind when considering the value of a trailer wrap to your business as well as the design itself.

Your Local Columbia, MD Fleet Graphics Company

AP Corp is the nation’s leading provider of window film and commercial graphics solutions. Our fleet graphics division, AP Graphics, is the highest rated fleet graphics company in Columbia, MD servicing Maryland, Virginia, DC, and clients nationwide!