Office Wall Coverings North Carolina

Have some office walls in need of an upgrade in North Carolina? Transform your office space with a new wall covering. Extend your branding to your walls with gorgeous designs installed quickly and affordably.

What are Your Office Walls saying to Visitors?

Bland office walls aren’t doing a thing for your business. Upgrade with a gorgeous new printed vinyl wall covering at an affordable price.

From communal areas to private offices, vinyl wall coverings are extremely versatile. Created using the industry’s best vinyl materials and printing technology, today’s custom-printed wall murals are a perfect fit for any room. Whether it’s refinishing a tired wall with DI-NOC architectural film, or it’s a custom-printed office wall graphic, AP Graphics is here to help you discover the solution that best fits your needs.

UNC Pembroke Golf Wall Mural

Trusted Wall Covering Partner for UNC University of North Carolina

Awesome company that takes a lot of pride in what they do!

Jessie S.

Branded Look

Your office is an extension of your company’s brand. Employees and potential customers will get a good feel for who you are with branded office wall coverings.

Budget Friendly

A vinyl office wall covering is the most cost effective solution. Whether it’s refinishing architectural elements, or adding a wall mural, vinyl is the most price conscious.

Fast Install / Remove

Vinyl office wall coverings go up quickly and quietly for minimal downtime and no distractions. They can be quickly removed and replaced if you want a change as well.

We work with the biggest names in the industry to provide you with lasting, flawless, warranty-backed installations—guaranteed.

No matter your located in North Carolina, AP Graphics is at your service.

If your office walls needs a face lift anywhere from Charlotte NC to Wilmington, NC you can trust in the proven experience of a nationwide provider who has handled the largest brand’s most complex projects with a personal touch.

Lets do this.

We’ve worked with countless business owners between Charlotte, Winston- Salem, Raleigh to Wilmington on their wall covering projects. So we know how to make this easy and painless for you. Interested in hearing more? Lets get started today!

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DI-NOC Architectural Film

Refinish architectural elements such as wooden cabinets or pillars with DI-NOC. This film mimics the look wood, metal, or stone at a fraction of the cost.

Frosted Window Film

Modern offices have plenty of interior glass. In fact, some have too much to the point where it can be distracting—frosted window film can help.

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