Project Description

3M MCS Certified Company

Absolute Perfection is the ONLY 3M Certified and 3M MCS Warrantied Shop in Maryland. Earning the right to a 3M MCS Warranty now allows us to warranty our material for up to 7 years on vertical surfaces. At Absolute Perfection, we use only the highest quality products and printers, setting the standard for printed vinyl graphics. Meeting the qualifications set by 3M allows us to extend this warranty to all certified applied graphics customers making sure you’re getting the best and longest lasting products on the market.

At Absolute Perfection, good isn’t good enough. Every day we strive to be the best by achieving new certifications or memberships, like the 3M Certified Installer and 3M MCS Warranty. Absolute Perfection recently received the 3M Endorsed Installer Certification as well, allowing us to install exciting new products like DI-NOC!

By reaching each of these benchmarks and attaining new certifications, training, and memberships, we have been given the how-to on the best install/production methods, insight on the latest products, and are constantly surrounded by like-minded professionals with fresh ideas for innovation. If you want to work with the best in the Mid-Atlantic, contact Absolute Perfection today!