Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is an innovative vinyl used to create designs and reinforce branding. Apply it to your shower glass for ultimate privacy within the comfort of your home or install it in the office for a unique way to create a one of a kind look.

With multiple different options, you have the ability to create a customized environment for your home or business. Print your logo on any of our frosted window films or overlap different cuts to create a beautiful design. The features of this one-of-a-kind application are incredible:

  • Strong, durable, long lasting
  • Same ability to clean windows as usual
  • Easy removal without damage
  • Can be applied to any glass surface

Let’s Get Elegant

The options are endless when using frosted window film. You decide what level of privacy you like and even consider the possibility of adding color or sparkle to the frost. With frosted window film, you have the option to create an etched glass look without the tedious work and extra cost that comes with actually etching the glass. Furthermore, etching class can be very expensive. Save time and money by exploring your options with our frosted window films. Not only is our frosted vinyl stylish and convenient, it also eliminates glare, saves energy, reduces heat, and filters UV rays.

Installation By Professionals

Did you know Absolute Perfection is one of the only 3M certified companies that can install Fasara’s Interior Design Films? These etched-glass films are one of a kind. At Absolute Perfection, we give you the power to create what you and your business originally dreamt of until we have thoroughly satisfied your vision. Sit down with one of our talented in-house graphic designers and completely customize any frost design you can imagine. After installation, sit back and enjoy the new look.

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