When people think of outdoor advertising they often think about those large billboards lining the route of sparse American highways, such as those leading to the party city of Las Vegas. These advertising boards promise of excitement and adventure as the travellers make towards this famous city of neon lights. The design is often extravagant and many sideshows try to entice visitors to make stop-offs at their establishment or point of interest.

In this country there is so much advertising around too, it just means that advertisers have to think that little bit harder to differentiate themselves from the competition. Consumers aren’t stupid, and they know when someone is trying to sell them something – so it takes a really good idea to impress the crowds, and outdoor advertising is often able to do just that.

One of the best examples of outdoor advertising, which has been used more and more commonly in Britain, is bus advertising. This is a simple but bold way to present your product as people go about their daily lives. However, in order for this to really connect with the audience, the advertisement needs to reach them in some way.

For instance, many of the latest upcoming movies are now advertised on the sides of buses and so they need to be bright or cunning to make a person stop and take notice. It requires the advertising team to come up with a concept for the product and make the general public wish to see the film in question.

Of course, it will depend on the intended audience as not all movies are made for general viewing, but there are some great posters and billboards out there that do exactly what the company intended, which is to create interest in their films and build this up until the film is released in cinemas.

If it is a mystery or thriller, the advert may concentrate on intrigue and suspense, or go for action and thrills. The leading actors in the movie will usually feature prominently, but there are instances where the creators of the advert want to provide as little information as possible – however this really only works when people have heard something about the upcoming picture already. For some blockbusters they do tend to sell themselves, but this form of advertising can really help to generate a real buzz before its widespread release.

In summary, when done properly, outdoor advertising is a great way to sell a product or service.

Ben Farrar has experience on what is the best way for bus advertising to help get your company noticed.