If you’re having a vehicle graphics installed, or you are doing the installation yourself, here are a couple tips. As a leading vehicle wrapping company, we’ve seen just about every possible mistake enter our shop for fixing. To help ensure you don’t run into those same mistakes and problems, here are some vehicle graphics mistakes you can avoid.

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Shopping for the Cheapest Priced Installation

You’ve heard it 1,000 times: you get what you pay for. Vehicle wraps are no different. Whether it is the lowest price on an advertising wrap, or the cheapest color change vinyl, lower cost commonly leads to lower quality. This doesn’t mean you need to pay a ridiculous amount of money to be sure your wrap will be a good quality, instead find a 3M certified vehicle wrap shop in your local market.

Buying Cheap Graphics Online

While there are plenty of reputable websites to buy vehicle wrapping materials, there are just as many who sell very cheap products. Do your homework prior to purchasing. Similarly, if you’re getting something like an advertising wrap for a work van, it’s important you work with the same shop who will do the installation. Custom wrap designs must fit the vehicle they are being applied to—curves in the body style and cuts for door panels are rarely considered by inexperienced online designers.

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Forgiving Lack of Communication in your Vendors

Communication is key, especially in larger fleet wrapping projects. Good communication with your vendor ensures your project is completed on time and without any surprises. For any company you plan to work with, do a quick search online to see what type of reviews they have. Similarly, ask the company about their process and what they have in the way of project management.

Doing What Everyone Else is Doing.

There are types of vehicle wraps which are more common than others. For color change wraps we see a lot of black and grey. For advertising wraps, it’s simple lettering and a logo on both sides of the vehicle. Now, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with these choices. But if you really want to turn some heads, get a custom wrap design, use reflective vinyl in your wrap, or get a custom layered wrap.

Ignoring the Designer’s Advice

Trust us, a vehicle wrap designer is looking out for your best interest. It’s in their best interest for you to get the best-looking wrap as well as a wrap that drives new leads to your business. After all, when you notice the wrap works for you, you’ll not only come back for more business but also tell your friends about the company as well.

Getting a Wrap That’s Overkill

Most vehicle wrapping companies will suggest the best possible wrap for your situation. But still, it’s important you try and consider the best wrap and design for your needs. A good example would be wrapping an entire vehicle when a half wrap would give you comparable coverage at a fraction of the cost. Consult with your vehicle wrap design for more ideas on what would be a best fit.

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Installing the Wrap on High-fail Areas

Vehicle wraps are an adhesive-backed vinyl material. This material will adhere better to certain surfaces based on the material of the surface as well as the texture. If the wrap is being applied to rough areas, or materials which commonly have a high-fail rate, this can lead to pre-mature peeling. This is one reason why it’s best to work with an experienced and 3M certified vehicle wrapping company.

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