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Looking to transform the walls in your home or office? Consider going with an architectural finish film like 3M DI-NOC. These unique films cost less than the real thing, and you’ll never be able to tell the difference! And with over 1000 designs to choose from, it can be hard to know which pattern is best for your wall. Here are a few ideas to help.

Complement a Brick Wall

What options will work well with a brick wall? One of the most common options to complement a brick wall is a solid-colored wall, a simply designed pattern, or a nice light grey wood DI-NOC film. These options help complement—but won’t draw any attention away from—your brick wall.

Match a Kid’s Curiosity

Looking to spark your child’s creativity? Maybe you’re looking for ideas to boost your office space? DI-NOC whiteboard film is a great addition to any surface such as a child’s bedroom wall, office cubicles, or even conference rooms! It acts just like a normal dry erase board but is fitted to your room.

Accompany Wood with Metal 3M DI-NOC

Are you working with wood furniture and accents? How about the sleek and modern feel of metal to accompany your wooden features! Metal DI-NOC film offers a variety of selections from carbon fiber, metallic hairline, advanced metallic, and textured metallic vinyl films.

Add Warmth to a Dark, Cold-Feeling Space

Is your office or home a little dark? Maybe it looks and feels a tad…cold? Wood grains are the perfect fix for any cold space! The inherent warm tones of wood grains add a welcoming and homey feel to any room, and perfectly creates a comforting atmosphere. And 3M DI-NOC wood grain film is the perfect way to get the look of wood without having to install real wood.

Complement Dark Countertops with White Wood Cabinets

Does your kitchen have dark countertops? The perfect compliment to any type of dark countertop such as granite, quartz, or concrete will be white cabinets. At least, it’s what is certainly trending in today’s home design. As opposed to running straight for a bucket of white paint, select a white wood DI-NOC architectural film which replicates the look of wood.

Harmonize a Brick Wall with Warm Wood Tones

Perhaps your building is lacking the industrial charm unique to brick. Replicating the look of brick with DI-NOC film is an easy and effective way to create the same style. Pair the brick DI-NOC alongside wooden features in your home or office for a truly harmonious scene.

Consult with a Professional

Still unsure? Don’t stress—DI-NOC offers the freedom to choose whatever unique look you desire. Maybe you’re wanting to completely change the tone of a room, or even just simply add flare to a surface. Check out our DI-NOC page to see all the available DI-NOC patterns which you can have installed in your home or office.