When it comes to vehicle wrapping, this question about coverage is very common. After all, this helps people create a good mental picture of the final product. Is it possible for a wrap to completely cover existing color on your vehicle? Yes and no. We will wrap almost the entire vehicle, but there are some areas that simply do not make sense to wrap.

Why Would a Wrap Not Completely Cover my Vehicle?

First off, at the end of the day, we could wrap the entire surface of your vehicle. Most every shop has this ability. Common practice is to wrap about 98% of the vehicle and skip some troublesome areas. These areas include parts like hinges which wraps will not adhere well to or areas which require us to remove parts of the vehicle. So, It’s possible for a wrap to completely cover existing color, but it’s a risky process.

Can I Still Get a Vehicle Wrap to Completely Cover Existing Color?

Yes, you can. Here’s the thing though; it’s going to cost more and usually leads to some part of the wrap failing. Once we explain this to our customers, we never have anyone tell us to wrap it anyways. It would take the project a lot longer—which means the project will cost more—and it can lead to pieces of the wrap prematurely failing.

Advertising Wraps vs Color Changes

It is also important to note that what we’re talking about here applies mostly to advertising wraps. What is the difference between an advertising wrap and a color change wrap? An advertising wrap is a wrap a business owner gets for their vehicle. Commonly, their goals are longevity, quality, and affordability. So not wrapping smaller areas like—door jams or right up against hinges—is generally not a big deal. With a color change wrap, those areas would be covered as that’s the installation is about aesthetics first.

What is a Reasonable Amount of Coverage for a Vehicle Wrap?

We commonly tell people 98% of your vehicle will be covered. Really, the amount of your vehicle which isn’t going to be covered is so small it’s hard to even notice. In fact, the vehicle wrap’s design itself commonly incorporates these areas into the design—so it is really hard to notice. We simply want to just be fully transparent with our clients so their every expectation is met.

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