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Looking for some unique ways to keep your kids active and learning during quarantine? Here are 9 unique ways to keep kids active during quarantine.

Dry Erase Wall / Chalk Wall

Most kids love to draw and color. So, if your coloring books are starting to lose their draw, why not try a new surface. While most folks have heard of and seen chalk paint, you can also install a dry-erase board wall covering which can be used and wiped clean of most of the washable markers found on the market.

Plant a Garden

There are a wide variety of ways to help spark your child’s imagination. One of the best—most rewarding—ways is through nature. Let your children plant and grow something themselves while learning about the lifecycle of plants. If you end up planting vegetables, kids will learn where food comes from and (hopefully) be more interested in eating those vegetables.

Play with Bugs

This one ties in to the previous. Either while outside playing in the garden, or inside in a terrarium, bugs teach your kids about handling animals. Whether it’s catching fireflies at night or ordering some caterpillars online to hatch into butterflies. Letting kids play with bugs teaches them all about feeding, caring for, and gently handling animals.

Painters Tape Obstacle Course

If you have a spare roll of painter’s tape lying around, you have a couple afternoons of fun. Take the tape and trace out an obstacle course in your house. Run the tape over couch cushions, through cardboard boxes, up and down slides, and beyond. Then, when you’re all finished, the tape pulls right up. Be sure not to leave the tape down for too long as it can start to really attach to the surface it’s on.

Pack-Up Toys into Tupperware Containers and Rotate

Get yourself a couple of the largest bins you can find. Load those bins up with your kids toys and then rotate. Rotating the toys around ensures no set of toys ever gets stale, and it also lets you get more mileage out of those toys. Are the kids driving you crazy? Pull out a new toy bin out for a ‘surprise’, open the lid, and enjoy hours of play.

Get a Blow-up Bounce House

The bounce houses you can rent for parties are also available for purchase. Online retail stores like Blast Zone offer a variety of affordable indoor bounce houses you can have shipped to your door. Blow it up once a week or every day for hours of fun.

Custom Wall Mural

Another unique way to keep kids active during quarantine is with a custom wall mural. Transform your kid’s playroom into a massive jungle scene with 100’s of animals, or get an educational wall mural with the alphabet, numbers, colors, and more. The sky is the limit with these vinyl wall murals because the design can be custom tailored to your kid’s needs and wants.

Check out Noggin’s Free 60-Day Trial

While TV isn’t the ideal go-to when your kids are bored, it’s still something we all do. So, if you need to turn on the TV be sure to shoot for something educational. Tune in to Noggin which is offering a free 60-day trial during the quarantine. They have hours of great educational programming your kids will love.

Bake Cookies Together

Baking is another great activity to get the whole family involved. The kids can help you measure, stir the batter, spoon the dough into balls, and even decorate the cookies after they’re baked! This yummy treat teaches a lot of important skills to your kids while also giving them something fun (and messy) to do for an afternoon.

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