Audi RS7 Dragon Vehicle Wrap 2019 USSC Sign Exchange Show

With the rise in better transparency in online and offline marketing, businesses are looking more closely at the ROI of their marketing. One such group—fleet managers—are wondering about the effectiveness of fleet graphics. How effective are fleet graphics you ask? The answer is much more powerful than you probably think.

Fleet Graphics Offer a Killer ROI

The major deciding factor in effectiveness of any form of advertising is ROI. How effective was the campaign in getting you more business? One major factor there is how many people did your ad get in front of. Here’s how, according to a massive study done by 3M, the cost for every 1,000 impressions you can expect from your general advertising avenues is…

  • Television Ads – $23.70 per 1,000 impressions
  • Magazine Ads – $21.46 per 1,000 impressions
  • Newspaper Ads – $19.70 per 1,000 impressions
  • Radio Ads – $7.75 per 1,000 impressions
  • Billboards – $3.56 per 1,000 impressions
  • Fleet Graphics – $0.48 per 1,000 impressions

So, the money you spend with new fleet wraps ends up extending your budget MUCH further. But if that wasn’t enough, fleet graphics are shown to boost the ROI of other marketing campaigns by 40% in online ads and 14% in print advertising (

You Can Get in Front of Your Perfect Customer

It’s not all about how many people see your ad though. What is equally important is that those people are most likely to buy your product. Whether you own a service company or sell soft drinks delivered by the tractor trailer load; fleet graphics get your product in front of your ideal market.

Imagine you own a lawn care company. Your truck is sitting outside of your customer’s home while you are performing their lawn service. Neighbors can see your service truck and the work you’ve done. These people are hands-down your most important audience, and your advertising wrap is a mobile billboard just for them.

Here’s another example. Imagine you own a brewery and deliver beer to local bars. You pull up to drop off a shipment and a group of bar patrons enter the bar: they’ve seen your beer’s name and may order a few during their visit. Multiply this effective a couple hundred times and the wrap pays for itself 10 times over—and that’s just while it is parked!

Fleet Graphics Command Serious Attention

New fleet wraps help your fleet stand out from the crowd. Regular, plain color vehicles are everywhere, so when there’s a vehicle with a unique design sticking out like a sore thumb, our eyes are drawn to it. Your fleet graphics will very easily be this attractive design—especially if you consult with your designer and tell them this is your intention.

Catch People When They’re Least Distracted

In the modern age, most consumers are more distracted than ever. That said, one time their eyes should be completely free from distractions is when they are out driving on the road. Now, obviously, we’re not saying you should be distracting people when they’re driving – but what about when stopped at a traffic light? Or when they’re driving behind your work van? These are perfect opportunities to introduce people to your brand!

New Things are Happening Leading to More Impressive Fleet Wraps

Vehicle wraps are constantly evolving and changing. One such recent change has been the development of some effective and powerful reflective vinyl fleet graphics. These reflective wraps make fleet graphics effective at night as well as during the day. Beyond reflective, we’re seeing developments of textures in graphics as well as intentionally easy to remove graphics for simple swapping-out of temporary graphics for promotions.

For more information on fleet graphics and their effectiveness, give us a call today! We have countless testimonials and case studies from fleet graphics clients all touting the effectiveness of their wraps!